Woodworker West

Ancestor #2, sculpture by wood carver Paul Reiber

From “Profile: Paul Reiber,” an article in Woodworker West Magazine

Paul Reiber of Caspar, CA approaches woodworking from a spiritual perspective. Drawing upon his undergraduate studies in Greek and comparative mythology, the former seminary student uses his artistic peices to address issues of the human condition.

“As an adult living the rural life on the northern California coast, I have been part of the developing movement of environmental spiritualism, and my work as a sculptor and furnituremaker speaks of the need for the spiritual reunification of humanity and the natural world,” explains Paul. “In my choice of subject matter, I draw upon sacred images—from ancient and tribal origins to European traditions—and interpret them with a contemporary sensibility.

…From the start, his desire was to craft furniture embellished with carvings, and his early pieces were “naturalistic” in style, adorned with floral design done in high relief. Though his work has encompassed all types of furniture, his primary focus has been the chair form. “I was drawn to the design potential inherent in its curves, angles, and negative space. The visual and spatial complexity of chairs provides a canvas with room to play.”

…Today, Paul has moved from the functional to solely sculptural, working in both wood and stone. “I find this work has given me the freedom to follow my visions without any constraints of functionality.”…

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